Countess of Chester Goes Live with ViewPoint

During the summer months HealthNetConnections Ltd were delighted to support The Countess of Chester Hospital with their ‘Go Live’ of our ViewPoint Obstetric Ultrasound Reporting and Image Capture Solution. The system has been implemented for their Obstetric Ultrasound Department.

A bi-directional orders interface with the MediTech EPR system allows patient demographics and GP information to flow from MediTech directly into ViewPoint. Additionally, ViewPoint is connected to five Ultrasound machines so Fetal measurements can be seamlessly transferred from the scanners into ViewPoiint. On completion of the exam all the results are sent back to MediTech. This ensures that wherever in the hospital MediTech is accessed the Obstetrician can view the full scan report that was generated from ViewPoint.

This system has resulted in an efficient, time saving solution for the production of reports. The avoidance of double entering patient data and manual transcription of results has reduced the chances of transcription error and allowed the department to concentrate further on their core tasks reducing the time spent on data entry and writing of reports.