GE Viewpoint - Gynaecology

  • Create quick and accurate reports
  • Exchange patient data with HIS/RIS/PAS and PACS
  • Enjoy flexible workflow and enhanced productivity
  • Generate customisable structured reports

Information to help assess interventional options and treatment planning is essential in gynaecology. GE ViewPoint for Gynaecology has been developed by clinicians and specialists to ensure that it gives you the reporting for Quality Assurance that you need at your fingertips in a user-friendly intuitive manner. GE ViewPoint offers comprehensive information about your patient’s medical and exam history, images, and details of the examination all in one place.

Think of ViewPoint as the window to all your patient data, connecting you with the information you need, whenever and wherever you want it.

  • Save time and ensure accuracy by transferring images directly from your hysterscopes and laproscopes
  • Management of Gynaecology images into a self contained patient record
  • Complete reporting of Colposcopy examinations
  • Create comprehensive and customised pelvic reports
  • KC65 reporting package for Colposcopy returns
  • Full integration with CYRES
  • Structured reporting of gynaecological examinations
  • Easily customisable to specific clinical requirements
  • Reporting tools for administrative & clinical research
  • Produce standard and personalised patient and GP letters
  • Click of a mouse displays report ready to print or email
  • Fully integrated Statistics Package for bespoke reporting and analysis
  • Reports including text, images and data
  • Interfaces to Hospital Information Systems and PACS
  • Installation on standard Windows PCs
  • Image archiving to existing PACS
  • Utilises existing Trust infrastructure

With ViewPoint, you can quickly produce reports for both routine exams and complicated cases. Drawing on the experience of hundreds of clinicians, our innovative structured reporting technology speeds report creation while capturing all of your data for statistical analysis.

At the end of the day, ViewPoint ensures you can relax with the knowledge that reports are complete and all of your records and images are securely stored and accessible.
The HNC Service Agreement is the easiest way to protect your investment in the ViewPoint system. The agreement guarantees software updates as well as technical and application support by a dedicated team of experts.

Additional Options Available:

  • One-click data transfer for images and video
  • Robust image archiving
  • Streamlined HL7 interfacing for HIS and EMR
  • DICOM export to PACS
  • PDF and DICOM export of reports
  • Integrated appointment scheduler
  • Remote site connectivity via N3
  • Email documentation directly to the GP

Key Benefits Include:

  • Create quick and accurate reports
  • Generate customisable reports
  • Benefit from digital patient records
  • Utilise flexible digital image storage
  • Connect multiple sites to one network
  • Exchange patient data with EMR, HIS/RIS and other IT systems
  • Enjoy flexible workflow and enhanced productivity by reading exams at a workstation
  • Choose from multiple options for document management
  • Simultaneously review image and report data