Viewpoint - Maternity

  • A truly comprehensive solution for Maternity
  • Easily integrate with existing systems
  • Modular deployment
  • Everything you expect from ViewPoint and so much more

Modular, Integrated, Trusted, Complete.

ViewPoint is already well known for its ultrasound capabilities. We are now able to offer a complete maternity information solution incorporating ultrasound, booking, antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care details. Birth information, screening and postnatal care data are collected for each baby. The inclusion of an obstetric anaesthetic module, thromboprophylaxis risk assessment, medication form and the ability to document telephone advice make this a truly comprehensive system. The system has been designed to support CNST accreditation and includes all recommended data items from the NHS information authority.

Integrated working
Each aspect of care is easily and logically entered into the database. Separate modules (antenatal, intrapartum etc) are entered using separate input tabs. Data can be entered once and accessed from multiple areas of the system. One click from any area will take the user to any of the demographic, medication, risk or pregnancy summary screen tabs. Printouts are generated automatically and are displayed on screen for review prior to printing.

A Clear Overview
ViewPoint MIS is designed with best practice in mind. A key part of the solution is the pregnancy summary screen. The most important data items relating to maternity care are clearly displayed here.Examinations are collated so that trends can be shown in a tabular format. All contacts are recorded and summarised for ease of review.
After each contact the user is directed to the summary screen and prompted to enter risk factors and confirm the lead professional to ensure data quality.